Leave a message below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. On one condition though: Please, no more asking for detailed info about the south America road trip. I will not respond. Why? Read on.

So far I was gladly sharing info with anyone interested in doing the trip. I have given numerous times my gps tracks, route suggestions, info about where we slept, where we camped etc. Anything really that you could imagine. I have been doing it without never having second thoughts, feeling happy that I was helping fellow bikers. Up until recently. There have been at least 2 occasions (to my knowledge, maybe there are more?) where the people asking (and getting anything they asked), turned up and published various posts on their personal websites that are, to say the least, insulting. Either by referring indirectly to our trip and saying BS or making various claims that, for example, no previous research has been done for their actual route in Bolivia (while they followed exactly the gps tracks I had sent them). And more, but I will not go into more details. It is sad, showing no respect or no gratitude to tons of help received, and just not right up there with the spirit of biker’s camaraderie. So, no more info, other than what is already published on the blog posts.


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